How to pack for a move

The General Idea  

Packing is really quite simple. There are just a few general ideas you need to keep in mind. Here they are:

1. Protect your back! Pack in small boxes to avoid lifting too much.

• Pack books and hand tools only in small cartons.
• Pack clothing and most other items in medium cartons.
• Us large and extra large cartons only if you really need the extra space-or the stuff is really light.

2. Protect stuff from scratching. Wrap everything-even pots and hand tools.

• You can use newspaper to wrap hand tools or dish washer safe dishes. Dishes will get dirty with newspaper ink, but you can wash them.
• Use unprinted newsprint for anything you'd prefer not to wash.
• Use bubble wrap for the really fragile items.

3. Protect fragile stuff from impact

• Use new boxes. New boxes are stronger.
• Use heavy duty boxes for heavy or large items.
• Use extra padding or bubble wrap if the items are fragile.
• If the stuff is really fragile, double box it. Pack it in its own separate box. Then pack this box into one of the moving cartons with plenty of clearance between the inner box and outer box.

4. Protect fragile stuff from shaking... If it shakes, it breaks.

Be sure the boxes are completely full before sealing them….check the corners. Add padding where ever necessary.

5. Protect fragile stuff from crushing.